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There is, in Christianity, what is considered a new wave of communication with God.  People have discovered that God is an interactive God.  Although he has always walked and talked with his creation, I personally re-discovered His communication in November 2010.  Prior to that, I heard God regularly when I was a child.  I thought everyone did and suppose it was about the time I discovered no one else was hearing Him, I stopped hearing that beautiful, guiding voice.  I’d missed it and my life reflected that.

When I began to purposely listen for Him again, He was there.  He’d been waiting all along.  The book The Exaltation of God (which you can download for free right here on ThePromiseReview.com) is the result of that first year of messages since my return.  What you see on the page day to day are the messages from this, my second year, into the journey.  I pray that these messages will be a blessing to you, but even more than that, I pray you listen to the messages every day that God has specifically for you.  He’s waiting and just as it has changed my life, He is sure to surprise you with abundance, peace and love!


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